1. A Day In Gibbs Farm

    03 Nov 2017
    Gibbs Farm is an internationally renowned open-air sculpture park located in North Auckland. The park contains a big amount of large-sized sculpture collections created since the late 80’s till recent years. Several exotic animals such as emus and giraffes can also be found roaming around the park.  It is always…

  2. Wings

    23 Aug 2017
    Sometimes it’s amazing how idea kicks in without you plan for it It was a beautiful day and we decided to have some time away from work, have a walk and see some birds in Muriwai Beach. The beach is one of our favourites, not too far from the city,…

  3. Serenity

    25 Apr 2017
    Loork is the coming together of Jellovee and Orkmor. We’ve always wondered how we can make use of our skills and create something visually stunning yet tell a good story. We thought about this for a long time and finally came out with the idea of making a series of…

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