Sometimes it’s amazing how idea kicks in without you plan for it!

It was a beautiful day and we decided to have some time away from work, have a walk and see some birds in Muriwai Beach. The beach is one of our favourites, not too far from the city, approximately 35 mins drive and you get a spectacular view of the ocean. We had a stroll on the beach and walked to the coast at the bottom of the Gannet colony where you can see people fishing and big waves pound on the shore. The day is getting shorter as winter is approaching, I climbed up to the wall and found a perfect spot for the sunset.

The spot where I sat on was really beautiful, and this never before perspective, looking towards the side of the cliff had blown my mind away and inspired us to do this shoot.

Flying birds have always been the sign of freedom. Seeing them fly is such a treat to our eye. We, human, are often bound to work and barely have the time or freedom to do whatever we want to, free to do what our heart desires, free to do whatever we long for, free to get out and fly!

This is basically what we want to portray through this piece of artwork. It was a quick one yet we learnt so much from doing this. We had nature guide us this time.

Change a perspective and point of view, even on your everyday routine/places that you’ve always been, you’ll realise how amazing the existing places can inspire you. And more often than not, you always gain the most clarity when you have time away. Even just for a walk, a solution will come to you that never would have if you fixated on work.




Idea Development: LOORK

Visualisation: SiewWee @Jellovee

Model: Libby Brickell @LibbyBrickellFlowers 

Photography & Post-production: Euhau @Orkmor

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