A Day In Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm is an internationally renowned open-air sculpture park located in North Auckland. The park contains a big amount of large-sized sculpture collections created since the late 80’s till recent years. Several exotic animals such as emus and giraffes can also be found roaming around the park. 

It is always on our place to visit list ever since we live in New Zealand. With the recent fundraising event in support of artists alliance, we got an opportunity to visit the park. Here are some memorable images, 9 out of total 20 displayed masterpiece that we managed to capture during the day trip. For the rest of the sculpture, you will have to be there to see it by yourself ;) 

Te Tuhirangi Contour, 1999/2001 by Richard Serra

Sentinels, 2017 by Andrew Rogers

Two Rectangles, Vertical Gyratory Up (V), 1987 by George Rickey

Pyramid (Keystone NZ), 1997 by Sol LeWitt

Horizons, 1994 by Neil Dawson

Red Cloud Confrontation in Landscape, 1996 by Leon van den Eijkel

Sea / Sky Kaipara, 1994 by Graham Benett

Disemmberment, Site1, 2009 by Anish Kapoor

88.5° ARC x 8, 2012 by Bernar Venet

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