Loork is the coming together of Jellovee and Orkmor. We’ve always wondered how we can make use of our skills and create something visually stunning yet tell a good story. We thought about this for a long time and finally came out with the idea of making a series of concept photoshoot.

As summer was coming to an end, the transitional period brought about a sense of unpredictability, prompting our nature to seek shelter. We sought to paint a portrait of the season.

Stumbling upon Pantone’s colour of the year, we found this Rose Quartz and Serenity colour combination. We thought the tranquil blue best conveyed the mood of the season, instead of the Rose Quartz, we used bright-berry red to bring out the contrast. The contrast between the tranquil external surroundings and the internal anticipation of what is to come. 

As we went into the production stage, we realised things were a lot more complicated than we had thought. The whole photoshoot production involved a wide range of things, from location scouting to costume making. Hence, we needed to collaborate with people who has the right skills in order to achieve what we envisioned, at the same time fill our blind spots and help us with things we didn’t know. We were very lucky to have Libby on board this time! 

Libby is a bespoke floral stylist based in Te Atatu. She made us this beautiful floral umbrella with mānuka and berries. It was great working with her and her expertise in florals helped us massively during the creative process.

Lastly, we’d like to give a big shout-out to our model Helen, for being such a gem to work with and effortlessly beautiful!


Idea Development: LOORK

Visualisation: SiewWee @Jellovee

Model: Helen Clegg

Floral & Props: Libby @LibbyBrickellFlowers 

Photography & Post-production: Euhau @Orkmor

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